Ruby Hoette

archiver, curator, writer, photographer

Ruby works with associations and rituals people attach to clothes. She employs methods of collecting and archiving as alternate modes of accessing and engaging with ‘fashion’. Her work is centred around the garment as a unique artifact, which carries a history; evidence of activities, interactions and transactions in our society. She developed ‘WORN_RELICS’ an interactive online archive for clothing and their histories. This project has been featured at events including Amsterdam Fashion Week and Fashion@Society symposium organised by Goethe Institute, Berlin. Ruby’s MFA thesis project explores multiple histories of the origin, ownership and use of clothing. Focusing on how these aspects impact the perceived ‘value’ of a garment, she proposes ways of interacting with clothing through redistribution and reinvention (appropriation) and redefines the accepted understandings of possession and authenticity within the fashion system

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