dress-series (DS)

“DS is about the experience of fashion in context. With context we mean society: the space, physical and ideological in which the object of clothing and the ritual of fashion manifest and acquire layers of meaning and value. Fashion doesn’t exist in isolation; it exists through its context.

DS strives to be a framework with which to view, analyse and understand the diversity and fluidity of fashion. It reveals the beauty of the ordinary and the surprise of the extraordinary in the everyday through observations and subtle interventions. DS delves into wardrobes, thrift stores, high end department stores and everything in between. It registers the moments standing on a city street corner or noticing a pair of fluorescent shoes on a busy train. It is a space to celebrate the playfulness of fashion and imagine ways for it to be pushed beyond accepted forms of production and presentation to a more inclusive reality.”




In 2011 Elisa van Joolen and Ruby Hoette launched dress-series (DS); a platform for independent
projects ranging from research to exhibitions and alternative presentations of fashion. Elisa and Ruby have a common interest in reshaping ideas around clothing, time and space. They met at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy
in Amsterdam, graduated in 2006 and both recently graduated from the MFA Fashion Design and Society at Parsons in NYC.